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WP No.2481 of 2000 and batch, dt:21.4.2000


High Court of Andhra Pradesh


Challenging validity of AP Mandal Parishads and Zilla Parishads (transitional arrangement) ordinance, 2000 (Ordinance 3 of 2000)) which was issued to postpone the elections from being held before the expiry of the term. Ordinance was struck down by the Court.


WP No.17232 of 2000 and batch, dt:13.12.2000


High Court of Andhra Pradesh


Court held that reservation of seats for B.Cs in Panchayat Raj Bodies by drawal of lots is bad in law and issued directions for identification of BCs in the  voters lists for the purpose of reserving the seats in favour of BC in descending order and on rotation basis.


WP No.979 and 8966 of 2002, dt:27.3.2003


High Court of Andhra Pradesh


The Court held that the term of elected body of Bukkarayasamudram Mandal Parishad shall be 5 years from the date appointed for the first meeting and no longer. The period during which the body was not functioning due to administrative reasons shall not result in extending the term beyond 5 years.


WP No.13388 of 2003, dt:13.4.2004


High Court of Andhra Pradesh


The elected body of Ramagundem Municipal Council shall continue for 5 years from the date appointed for the first meeting and no longer.


WA No.1321 of 2005, dt:22.8.2005


High Court of Andhra Pradesh


The provisions of Xth schedule of the Constitution (anti-defection law) cannot be applied to local bodies.


WA No.709 of 2006 and batch, dt:18.12.2006


High Court of Andhra Pradesh


Upheld the provisions of the APPR Act, 1994 and Rules made there under with regard to preparation of electoral rolls of panchayats duly adopting the entries in the latest Assembly Rolls. Also upheld the procedure contemplated in the provisions of the Act and Rules to get the names included or deleted or corrected first in the Assembly Rolls under sections 22 and 23 of the RP Act, 1950 to make consequential amendments in the Panchayat Rolls upto the date of election notification of the panchayat concerned by the District Panchayat Officer concerned.


W.P.No.2481 of 2000, dated 21.04.2000




Judgment Writ Petition Nos.2481, 2539, 2988, 3021, 3893, 4244, 4509, 4604 and 2690 of 2000.

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